Rules and Regulations

The competition is opened to all athletes enrolled with FIDAL: Junior, Promising Talents, Seniors, male and female Senior Masters, Sport Associations affiliated with FIDAL and in possession of the RUNCARD-EPS, free athletes in possession of a FIDAL Runcard and a medical certificate for competitive athletics both valid up to the 27th February 2022.

All participants must be 18 years old at the date of the Half Marathon.

Run Trail: certified by FIDAL

Timekeeping: taken by O.T.C.

Meeting Point: 7:30 a.m., in via Amerigo Vespucci 2, Treviglio (BG) Italy, at “Rossini” Gym

BIB Numbers Pickup: Sunday the 27th February 2022 from 7:30 to 9:15 a.m.

Covid Rules: the GREEN PASS and COVID Self-Declaration filled form is required to collect the BIB.

Starting Time: 9:30 a.m.

Time Limit Race: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Registration Fees:

  • € 25 if registered within the 16th February 2022
  • € 30 for registrations from 17th to the 25th February 2022

Concessionary Fee: € 20 for Sport Clubs and Associations with minimum 20 athletes and registration within the 25th February

The athletes registered to the 2020 edition who would like to come back have to send the participation form fulfilled and signed with the copy bank money transfer of € 10

Registration Deadline: within the 10:00 p.m. of Friday 25th February 2022

Registration Forms: (download the PDF at the link below):

For Clubs and Sport Associations: the Registration Form must be produced on the Club letterhead and must contain: name and surname, date of birth, membership number and national category of every athlete enrolled, or using the form downloadable above. The free athlete must produce the FIDAL RUNCARD and the medical certificate for competitive athletics (with the word “athletics” on).

Payment: bank transfer addressed to: A.S.D. Atletica Treviglio at Banco BPM – Treviglio Branch IBAN IT90C0503453640000000108506

Attachments: all the registration forms must be sent together with the copy of the bank money payment of the fees, by fax +39.0363.560682 or e-mail email registration

The use of the dressing rooms, showers, massages and lockers is not allowed as per FIDAL provision.

The fee includes:

  1. BIB equipped with timekeeping chip
  2. Insurance and medical assistance
  3. Refreshment stations located along the trail
  4. Competition pack containing the technic shirt by Diadora

Diadora technic shirt

Sample Image

Total Prizes: € 5.000

Overall Standings Prizes:

Male Female
1 prize g.v. € 350 1 prize g.v. € 350
2 prize g.v. € 250 2 prize g.v. € 250
3 prize g.v. € 150 3 prize g.v. € 150
4 prize g.v. € 100 4 prize g.v. € 100
5 prize g.v. € 80 5 prize g.v. € 80
6 prize g.v. € 60
7 prize g.v. € 50
8 prize g.v. € 40
9 prize g.v. € 40
10 prize g.v. € 40

Bonus: € 100 G.V. is granted to the winners who improve on the records of the male and female category competition.

Previous Individual Records:

Athlete Edition Time
Battocletti Giuliano 2007 1h 02' 52"
Dossena Sara 2019 1h 11' 09"

We will award the first three top finishers in every national category: Senior, Masters and Sport Promotion Agency either male and female.

As per Federal Regulations, the athletes holding the RUNCARD will go directly on the ranking but they will not be awarded any prize.

The category prizes are not cumulative with the ones awarded in the Overall Standings.

Club Prizes: the first five Clubs will be awarded. The ranking will be calculated adding the five best times gained by the athletes of the same Club:

  • 1 Place G.V. € 300
  • 2 Place G.V. € 250
  • 3 Place G.V. € 175
  • 4 Place G.V. € 150
  • 5 Place G.V. € 125

Bonus: € 150 G.V. is granted to the Club who improves on the record of the competition.

Previous Club Record:

Team Edition Time
C.S.S. Rocchino 2015 5h 50' 35"


  • Bornaghi Giovanni, mobile +39.3474419563
  • Panzera Alessandro, mobile +39.3475142116